Monday, October 30, 2006

Pre Micro Teaching Thought

My micro teaching topic is on industrialisation. The reason i choose this topic is firstly, I don't remember I learnt this topic in Sec sch. Secondly, I like economic geography but i find that the areas covered under this topic can be very dry. Under the new syllabus, students need to cover the classification of industries, factors influencing industrial location, trend of mfg activities from DCs to LDCs and a study of a newly industrialized economy

Personally, I find it hard to make this topic interesting for students to learn. Thus I went to the library to find some instructional material for teaching this topic.
However, I didn’t manage to get any resources on NIE so I kept thinking if I am to teach about NIE how will I go about doing it. I took more than a week to finally decide on my micro teaching sub topic. My chosen sub topic to teach in class is the study of a NIE, its characteristics and the factors influencing the location of electronics industry in the selected NIE.

I didn’t want to teach by feeding information for the students. I was thinking of ways to draw information out from the students. Beginning I thought of showing them newspaper article or video, from these resources, they are to provide me with the characteristics of NIE. I went on to search for these resources but these resources only provide about 2 or 3 characteristics of NIE. I went to search for geog textbook and came across this table comparing annual growth rate, employment wages, annual export rate, annual investment growth rate between OECD and the different generations NIEs. I think this could be a good practice for students to analyze table and compare data in the table. In addition, they will learn about the characteristics of NIEs. My powerpoint slides are such that after discussion, students will provide me with the characteristics of NIEs, after which, I will recap their points on ppt slides.

The next activity I intend to conduct is something like a role play where students will be split into a few groups. 2 groups of electronic CEOs looking for a NIE to locate their factory plants. The rest will be government officials of different NIEs who will come up with proposal to attract investment to the country. The purpose is to let the students take the roles of govt officials or CEOs and think through what are the factors that will determine the location of certain industries. Hopefully through these activities, students will have a better knowledge of NIEs and also help them to understand better when they come across news on industrial performance or related subject.

I am a bit nervous for this micro teaching as I do not know what to expect for Kenneth’s micro teaching class. Anyway, I find that planning lesson can be really time consuming. Really wonder will we have that much time to prepare a topic next time when we are thrown to real life classrooms.