Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Micro Teaching Thoughts

The much anticipated micro teaching is finally over! It’s a surprise for me definitely. During my lesson planning, I was thinking more of the pedagogic content part and never think of classroom management issues. Too used to Mr Yee’s micro teaching lessons. I thought we were quite bad in terms of misbehaviour during some of the micro teaching sessions under Mr Yee.

When I was out of the class, I thought can’t be that bad since this is the first session under Kenneth. In my mind, I was like how bad could it be. I try to recall my enhanced school experiences where I did encounter a few real bad misbehaviours in class and I did manage to handle so I try to calm myself down by telling myself my classmates won’t be as badly behaved. Haha. I was wrong. I totally didn’t expect the moment I step into the class, my so called students will start to display bad attitudes. I felt helpless when they just refused to co operate and give me answer to my recap questions. At that moment, I don’t feel like dwelling on this issue and I just want to move on with my lessons. If I don’t go on, they won’t get much out of this lesson so I decided to try again by providing some hints for them. They still refuse to co operate, my last resort is to provide answer for them and repeat those answer so that at least they have some ideas about the previous lesson before moving on to today’s lesson.

The types of misbehaviour during micro teaching:
Latifah did put me in a difficult position when she displays defiance and rudeness as the class is watching how I’ll deal with her. I know that she is discontented with her marks and attribute the blame on me. The way she put me down with her words in front of the class did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Personally, I feel that I’ll not fight back or say anything harsh just to save my face. We should try to understand why she is behaving in this way and tackle the root of the problem. That’s also why when Yunbing tore my worksheet, I prefer to go up to her and talk to her nicely. At that moment, I was really shocked. I felt that I didn’t do anything to provoke her to tear my worksheet. The next thing that came to my mind is that perhaps this student may have some personal issues outside class. Thus by scolding her in front of the class won’t help the situation and I feel by doing so may further provoke her to do something more drastic which I do not want. Thus I told her like yunbing is there anything wrong with you today? You are normally not like that. She refuted and say “what? I’m always like that one ma. You don’t know meh?” Such words reflect that the student has always been labeled by others as problematic. Thus I thou when u tell students normally u don’t behave in such manner will send out the message that now you are not picking on them but on their misbehavour. In my ESE, I try not to distract the class by scolding students who disrupt my lesson. I’ll just pause my lesson and ask that student are ready to move on? If he/she still continues, I’ll ask them to help me answer some questions. At the end of the class, I will go up to them and ask them what happen today? Normally they’ll say nothing and keep quiet. I’ll continue to say normally you are not like that, so I don’t expect this kind of behaviour the next lesson. Is that ok? I’ll wait till they nod their head or say yes. I find that this works and students won’t feel that you are picking on them as you try to talk to them privately instead of humiliating them in front of their classmates.

The class in general is unhappy with me and keeps distracting my lesson by asking irrelevant questions. Through out the lesson, whatever I say the students will always pick on me and show me bad attitude. I think this is a very serious problem as it is going to be a lose-lose situation for both teacher and students. They refuse to learn and the teacher may find it hard and unmotivated to teach. The teacher needs to build rapport with the students by trying to know them personally.

Some mistakes I made during micro teaching:
As the class keeps giving me problems such as throwing their answer in the form of crushed paper. At that moment, I just hope students can learn something out of this lesson so I decided to do a summary of main points covered in class. I thought some incentives may help so I decided to dismiss students who can give me one learning point for this lesson. After I said that, I realize it is a mistake but I just can’t take back my words as I know they are going to pick on me and say that I always don’t keep my promises which I do not want. I just have to carry on from there. The table that I gave to the students may be overloaded with information, should have leave out some details. The quality of that worksheet should be improved. Overall, I find this micro teaching session meaningful. I hope I’ll not encounter such a class. Throughout the whole period, there’s no moment without misbehaviours. I hope my worst bunch of students are you guys. Haha.


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